So where did we end up??  We had to dedicate an entire post to this apartment/bungalow because it is just such a great find.  This is next to a larger family home which means help is just next door!  Wilson came to meet us at the bus station and was not only kind enough to give us a lift with all of our luggage, but even took us grocery shopping first too!!

The bungalow is set in a small village called Piedra Pintata not far from La Ceiba and we have our own beach entrance.

The beach is lovely with white sand and warm water!  Luckily for us there is a beach bar just a few metres along the beach!!  Oh and a beer is just 80 pence.

The garden is full of flowers and lots of crab holes!

As the house is on the beach front of a small village, there isn’t much of a front street either.  This whole area fills with fireflies on a night which looks fantastic.


Wilson was kind enough to take us shopping the next day and also on a little tour of La Ceiba town.  Look through our pictures for a very ‘rude’ looking tree and a guy with a shotgun guarding a cage of chicks!


Wilson’s father has been heavily involved with redesigning the water treatment works in the town and thanks to this, the beaches are now lovely and clean.  The new beach front has been redeveloped and everyone is looking forward to Christmas!

On to the apartment for a quiet night in – but what a sunrise to get up to…