During our travels, we make sure to try all of the local dishes where possible.  The biggest difference tends to be at breakfast time when different regions have all sorts of foods for breakfast!  Here is a post dedicated to all of the different meals we have tried and cooked ourselves during our time in Guatemala.  Although we prefer to cook at home most of the time (and enjoy the occasional glass/bottle of wine) we still try and stick to the authentic style of the area.

See if you can tell which are meals we have eaten out in restaurants and which were cooked at home?


So what do you think?  We can tell you that pictures 1&2 were bought in restaurants and 3,4 & 5 were made at home!

So what about these?


Ok so in this set of pictures it’s actually the last one (no. 6) which was bought in a diner in Guatemala city.

So… last set of photos!


Ok so these were all made in our kitchen!!  The cake was made for a party so we didn’t eat it all ourselves!

Look forward to our food diary from Honduras!