After taking a business class flight from Guatemala City (champagne all the way baby!) we arrived in Ronald Reagan airport around midnight.  We knew we needed a fairly long taxi ride so we had researched typical fares for the journey so that we didn’t get ripped off by random drivers at the airport.  We were picked up by a reasonably smart looking driver in a luxury car at an appropriate rate and settled in to hear his life story in around 40 minutes.  He told us all about how he is from Cameroon and moved to the USA to live the dream as a taxi driver.  While watching a video of a relation’s wedding he spotted a woman that he declared would ‘be his wife’.  He then tracked her down in England (although she was also from Cameroon originally) and told her that she would be his wife!  After a tentative visit to the USA she agreed that it would be acceptable as she found his company ‘comfortable’.  Just 3 months later, they were married!  He was very emphatically religious so it was a very interesting discussion all the way to the hotel.  He gave us his business card for taxi trips during our stay (of which we had no intention of using) and his name was ‘Dick and Fro’.  He had a ‘fro’ but not sure about his real name to be honest.

So why Washington?  Well technically we were across the border in Washington Dulles, Virginia where Steve’s clients were holding a conference for a large number of clients.  Steve needed to give two presentations on his work over two days which actually went very well.  But first things first, it was now Sunday and we needed to find beer!  Lo and behold, just 15 minutes away in a taxi (not with Dick and Fro) – was the Ocelot Brewery!!

After an increasingly difficult game of darts during which we tried ‘many’ samplers, we headed back to the hotel and so began a very busy and difficult week of work and shopping!

It was all worth it in the end as Steve’s presentations went very well and we had Friday to ourselves.  We took the opportunity to spend it with our friend, Jason, who lives in Virginia and took ourselves hiking to Great Falls which is a large park in the area.

There were huge buzzards and we even found a woodpecker!

On our trail we also discovered a disturbing sign and then even more disturbing locals!

What is even more disturbing is that when we looked at our photos later, we zoomed in on the crazy climber that Steve snapped:

Oh-uh – was he in trouble??!!

All that walking gave us an appetite and we dropped into town for a delicious steak dinner and walked past a skating rink and some amazing Christmas lights – a great way to finish our week here before flying to Honduras in the morning!