So we left Lake Atitlan with tears in our eyes and made for Guatemala City to enjoy our last night in Guatemala.  The journey was just over 4 hours but we saw some interesting sights!

Cow in a truck!

We stayed in the gorgeous Grand Tikal Futura hotel and had a Royal suite which meant that we have to go the 9th floor to check in!

Our first order of business was going out to find food and BEER.

Steve in a diner

The next morning we started early with a private helicopter tour of Guatemala over the city, Antigua and nearby volcanoes – including Fuego!

It was a very windy day and Emma is not a good flyer – especially in a tiny private helicopter that really was buffeted along the whole way!  On the plus side, the sights were really worth the trip.

We even flew close to the President’s ‘house’.

Luckily for us, all’s well that ends well (in the airport lounge!)  On to the U.S. of A!

With a much deserved beer!!