So after looking out onto Volcano San Pedro for our entire stay here, we decided that we needed to conquer this bad boy before we left!  It stands at 3020m above sea level which you can compare to Ben Nevis at 1345m above sea level!  Because the lake is already at 1500m above sea level this meant that our climb was to be roughly 1500m.  Lucky for us it was a beautiful sunny day and no clouds at all!  We picked up a guide recommended by our taxi driver on the way over – called Salvador.  He goes up and down this volcano every single day and sometimes up to 4 times a day!  It is still recommended to take a guide because of ‘bandits’ hiding out on the trail.  We even walked past a couple of police guards on our way up!

The scenery was just gorgeous and we had to keep stopping to take photos!

The forest was beautiful

The first waypoint marker was in the form of a ‘Mirador’ – a small cabin built for a rest stop and taking in the views.

What is interesting here is that the sign tells us we are at 2194m above sea level already and that we still have 1668m to climb from this point!  This would make the height of the volcano 3862m above sea level?  The funny thing here is that the graffiti artists haven’t quite got the knack of thing here – ‘pintores’ is spanish for ‘painters’.

We found a strange flower that looks like a chicken foot – littered all over the path for some way.  At various stages you find small rest points – normally benches and swings!

As we neared the summit – the climb became much steeper and the steps were becoming harder as our legs were more tired!!  We made it to the second house!


On our travels we found lots of snake holes – they are the worst danger here for locals when harvesting sugar cane and corn.  Passed a waymarker for 3000m hooray!

Now the climb was getting harder but the forests were worth it.


So, after 2 hours and 20 minutes (at quite a punishing pace with our mountain goat guide) we finally reached the top!!!  Steve was very happy to tuck into his hip flask of rum.



Of course the most urgent course of action now was to get down the volcano and find beers!