San Juan is definitely our choice for the most scenic area on the lake here.  It is a quiet village surrounded by huge hills and vistas covered in forests and plantations which are all harvested by hand.  The locals walk up this incredibly steep landscape to fetch firewood, coffee beans and other natural bounties such as avocadoes.  Steve contacted our favoured local guide, Luis (from our horse riding trip) to hike around this countryside for a few hours.

There was plenty to see, bright flowers and interesting spiders…

In the plantations there were plenty of coffee beans and sugar cane.  It is customary to burn sugar cane areas to scare off all the snakes ready for the locals to manually gather the crops!

The countryside is so pleasant to amble around – except when giant trucks come down the path – fairly frequently too!


At the top, the views were definitely worth it!

Back down at the docks we can see a new dock being built as the last main one was submerged by a rise in the lake water!

Back home to another power cut and a cold shower for our efforts!