For the weekend, we booked a camping tour on the most active volcano in Guatemala – Volcan Fuego.  This meant that we needed to spend the night in Antigua in order to set off for the tour on Saturday morning.  We took the 3 hour journey in a taxi with our new friends Wendy and Cameron who have also sold up their homes and are travelling like us!

Our hotel, the Real Plaza, was a gorgeous find in the middle of a crowded city – we couldn’t believe there was so much room.  Not only did we have a jacuzzi bath next to the bed but there was also a huge garden with a lovely restaurant and swimming pool!

We really needed beer by this point so our first port of call was the nearest beer serving establishment!  Luckily we happened upon a lovely little pizza cafe for a delicious pizza to share and of course some much needed beer!  We realised we had about 2 hours before sunset so rushed back to get a nice bath (with more beer) before heading out for the evening

In the evening we enjoyed tapas on the rooftop terrace of a bar in town while we watched the sunset over Volcan Fuego (and had more beers).