San Pedro is one of the busiest towns on the lake and good for markets and tours – settled in to the base of the San Pedro Volcano!  We settled for an apartment overlooking the lake and the town although it’s a hefty walk with plenty of hills!

Our new landlord is Daniel from Montreal who took the time to show us around the apartment.  He explained about the recycling he employs which includes waste food.  We were looking for a compost heap outside when he told us to look out of the kitchen window.  “Just chuck it all outside” he told us “some animals clear it all away except egg shells but that doesn’t matter”!

Steve found a little surprise in the kitchen sink:

After getting the keys and dropping our bags off it was time for a beer!  We can actually see our place from the bar!

Lunch was a delicious curry at Chile’s bar right on the dock.  While there, we heard an awful crash and saw that this poor delivery guy had dropped the crate he was carrying on his head!

One thing that is difficult to get used to is the number of vendors who harass you in bars and restaurants.  If you don’t want fabrics, peanuts, bananas, bread, keychains or even your shoes to be shined, then even the local dogs wander in to beg while you have food!  There are so many dogs here, many of them injured or starving and it can be difficult to see.

After lunch we wandered into town which is on a really steep hill and again, noone speaks English!