Our first week in San Marcos has been so peaceful.  Our day begins just before dawn when we start work at 4am!

We have lime trees everywhere and can just pop outside to pick fresh limes!  We discovered some huge fat ones! Sadly they’re actually quite dry inside…

We wash our laundry here in the sink and have to use communal washing lines.

A camp spot in the complex

Not only are there apartments here but many people drive the Pan American highway and stop off here at various camping spots.  This place is just outside the gate to our apartment.

Steve was doing his Rain Man thing of counting the stairs and realised there are 118 steps in total from the lake up to our gate.  As a way of keeping fit while we work, we now make sure to walk down and up these steps every hour at least 7 times a day.  We’re building up to our goal of a thousand steps a day before we tackle the San Pedro volcano!

As the weather is really hot here, we often reward ourselves after work (which is lunchtime for us after starting at 4am!), with a dip in the volcanic lake.  It is so funny to hear Steve scream like a girl because the water is fresh and cold – not heated!

In the afternoons we like to relax…(especially after a quick run to town and back for supplies).

As it grows dark again in the evening, there is usually lightning to watch over the volcanoes!  A romantic end to another day in San Marcos!