Sunday 09th Oct – Moving to San Marcos La Laguna

After packing our bags, stuffing them all into a tiny tuk tuk and negotiating a private boat hire across the lake for £20 we arrived at our next apartment over in San Marcos La Laguna.  This is the smallest and cheapest place in the complex but we plan to stay here for the rest of our time in Guatemala until the end of November.

Already we are experiencing more wildlife (spiders, ants, lizards) and because the new apartment is facing south it is really warm!  The view is incredible and we have a full glass window front which looks out at the lake and volcanoes from every room.  Each apartment here has it’s own private garden and enclosure with outside hammock and table.  The complex here is huge and the owner, Pierre, employs 15 local workers to look after the property.  The gardens are just fantastic and full of flowers so Steve can’t wait to get out to take photos of all of the bugs.

On our way out to town we spotted a fellow British traveller parked up on a camp spot in the complex!

GB plates!

Pierre has just come back from the Caribbean and offers lots of fish and lobster for sale here.  Even the giant prawns are about 15cms long!  As we plan to cook most food in the apartment during the week, we decided to walk into town for supplies (and have a cheeky beer).  The area is much more peaceful with less traffic and no aggressive street vendors although there are lots of hippies who come here for yoga and spiritual enlightenment!