Sunday 09th Oct – Hello Lucy

No sooner as we’d dropped our bags in our new apartment, Emma started to get squeamish about spiders. She had spotted a couple roaming around inside. They were brown and flat, and looked like squashed house spiders. But she was brave, held her nerve, and told Steve, “Well at least they’re not as horrible as that colourful one outside!”

“Woah, what!?” Steve excitedly dashed outside to find, nestled in a plant underneath the bathroom window, a female Black Widow spider!

Not able to believe his luck, Steve scanned the internet for any sign that it may be a false widow. But the red hour glass marking underneath the abdomen was quite unmistakable. As was every other aspect of this fine specimen! Size, shape, colour, markings, all a perfect match for the Latrodectus genus.

Emma was comforted by knowing that as per their usual habits, Black Widows tend to stay in their own web and don’t roam around too much. So she named her Lucy!

Though the flat spiders we find all over our apartment are actually called Huntsman spiders which do roam around looking for food!  We have also been warned to check our shoes for scorpions although we haven’t seen one of those yet!