Saturday 08th Oct – Last night in Pana

We decided to spend our last night here in town where the nightlife is famous across the lake.  We settled on a restaurant called Paris Paris (which was nothing like Paris) and ordered a mixed kebab grill and a small steak with salad.  Our favourite beer is Moza (Bock bier) and luckily they had this in supply!  We didn’t realise that eating at a place on the main street means that you are pestered all night by local vendors!  The women carry their baskets and crates around on their heads.  It’s hard to say no to the kids and one even came by to try and shine my shoes!

We did a little shopping and Emma bought a cowgirl hat for £3 and Steve found a shot stall full of tequilas.  After a couple of shots, Emma wanted to buy a hair band to go around her new hat so she approached a couple of older ladies who had been trying to sell us material earlier!  One of the main trades here is cloth weaving and they have so many fabulous fabrics and hair ties.  Everyone has handmade curtains, table cloths, clothes and even dishcloths are old pieces of weave!  Emma bought a hair tie for £2 which is about a metre long woven strip but the vendor insisted on tying it into Emma’s hair – in the traditional style!  This was all fun and smiles but when we left, her friend chased us up the street for about 10 minutes trying to sell us something from her basket too!  We had to duck into a local bar to escape and finished off the night with a couple more beers.