Monday 03 October – Back to work!

Emma’s first day back to work – at 4am!!  We didn’t really consider the time difference when we decided to continue our normal jobs from the UK!  Emma has signed a new contract for another 6 months and has managed to wangle a change to her working hours from 11am-7pm UK time.

The nights are fairly chilly here and our new place is shaded and tiled so it is freezing!  This is made slightly worse by the fact that we are up so early before daylight!  We stopped work around lunchtime here (working 4-12) and ventured to explore the area.  We wandered down a side street to find a shortcut to the lake and happened across a local street with cafes and stalls.  Because of the festivals, there were also community groups who had travelled here to the lake with their families and all sat in separate groups across the shore.  They were reading from books and praying and had fabulous flower displays and decorations that looked amazing.  We found a pretty shack to have breakfast in and enjoyed some sunshine whilst watching the women in their colourful costumes!  After being ripped off by the shack owners, we headed round to town to pick up some supplies before heading back for more work!  It rained so hard during the night on our tin roof, that combined with all of the celebratory explosions it was very difficult to sleep!!