Saturday 10th Sept – Newbury Beer Festival!

The plan was to travel up to stay with Brett and June and we would all travel to the beer festival together!  We then planned to drive to Wales on Sunday before making our way to Bristol airport accommodation.  Unfortunately, that morning we realised that Steve didn’t have his passport and figured we he must have left this in the bank at Camden Town – an hour away!

Most banks do not open with staff on Saturdays and so we were really worried we may not go out to Spain together on the Monday morning from Bristol!!  We caught the train over to Camden Town where we were in luck!! There were staff – who were helpful!!  After a very anxious 10 minute wait while they checked the safe – they brought it out!!  Relieved, we headed back to Northolt to jump in the car over to Newbury with all haste.  This now meant that one of us couldn’t drink unless we stayed in the town centre, so Emma booked something on her smart phone during the car journey.  The nearest place was called the Donnington Grove Hotel and Country Club – which was a huge place with a golf course.  We were allocated a chalet on the grounds and had to drive around to it!

We still had lots of alcohol to finish off before leaving the country so Steve suggested we find a place to sit near the lake and watch the swans while drinking a bottle of bubbly!  It was raining but we didn’t let that stop our romantic mood and so we set up camp under a big tree with a bottle of champagne and a packet of Maltesers!

Then on to the beer festival where the highlight was a massive gourmet burger at one of Ian’s favourite haunts!

Sunday 11th Sept – more travelling!

Our plan on Sunday was to travel to Neath to drop off some more last minute items before leaving the car in the garage and getting a lift to our accommodation near Bristol airport.  We underestimated how much we had!