Friday 30th Sept – Montserrate!

We were up early again thanks to our body clocks so we set out for an arduous climb up Montserrate at 7am.  It was a short walk from the hotel and we decided we would reward ourselves with breakfast at the top and a train ride or cable car back down.  Unfortunately when we got there we found the path closed and the only way up was via the train!  Disappointed, we took the ‘funicular’ for about £5 each (return) and would have enjoyed the views had it not been for the ridiculously tall Japanese tourists who crowded in with us at the last minute to take up all of the windows!

At the top of Monsterrate there is a monastery and some beautiful gardens, although most of the restaurants don’t open until midday!!  As we had reached the top a few hours earlier than planned, we found a lovely little café to enjoy some coffee and empanadas!  The gardens had lots of statues of Christ during his crucifixion.

We made it back to the hotel much earlier than planned however this turned out to be fortuitous due to the incredible rain and lightning storm we then experienced!  The thunder was so loud it was like cannon fire and would set off all of the car alarms in the street!  We made a break for lunch when the rain let up and had some traditional local food.  On our way back to the hotel, we found the street cordoned off for a huge peace rally!  Steve managed to take some great photos of the local graffiti which was just incredible and we rounded off the evening with – yes  – more beer!

Peace Parade