Thurs 1st Sept – Mangy Cat

For months we’ve been feeding a poor stray cat with injured legs who was super trap shy and absolutely starving.  She was all skin and bone and kept trying to eat the stale bread I was throwing out for birds!  Over time, she grew to trust us and eventually we could handle her although she felt awful – like a skeleton.

We managed to catch her in a box and took her to the vet a week ago to see if we could euthanise her.   Unfortunately the vet found a chip and the owner actually lived across the street from us!  We went to call on him and it turned out he was a bit of a moron and his house was in a really bad state.  He didn’t seem too bothered that his cat was at the vets in a really bad way and just said she was old.  Anyway he collected her from the vet and just let her go again – even though he was advised to take her to the pdsa for some urgent kidney and hyperthyroidism treatment!  For the next week she kept coming to our house begging for food and attention and would be so tired she would just lie out in the rain and would be covered in her own mess.  She even let Emma wash her with a sponge although the next day she was really stinky again.  Enough was enough so Emma came up with a sob story and we took her to another vet down the road.  Emma pretended that the cat was her sick father’s, who she didn’t have much contact with but had been forced to get involved now that he had terminal brain cancer and was in hospital.. (all a story).  Emma was now ‘Elizabeth’ and she was asking the vet to euthanise her father’s cat to end her suffering – due to the cat’s age.  They readily agreed and charged us £140 for the injection and the cremation.  It was a very sad day but it really was the best thing for the cat who had been slowly starving to death and in pain for about 4 months.

R.I.P. Mangy Cat