Friday 2nd Sept

On Friday we moved all of our belongings to the family home in Neath to store in the attic.  This involved hiring a polish van driver to drive to Wales and back so that we could stay there and travel on to Manchester!  We filled the long base Mercedes Sprinter van with our bikes, a mattress and boxes of belongings – and managed to fill the car too!

We arrived in Neath and spent a few hours storing most of our things in the attic.   We spent a lovely evening with Steve’s father and had to leave early in the morning for a scheduled itinerary of visits in Manchester!

Saturday 3rd Sept

First stop – Edith Stevenson, Stockport

Edith is a fantastic lady in her early nineties who is so warm and welcoming.  She gave a very generous wedding gift to us although she had never met Emma!  It was pouring with rain all day so we brought her a wooden duck for the garden.  We wanted to see her before we left the UK for a while and she was ever so happy that we had called on her, being good friends with Steve’s mum – Marian.

Second stop – Family visit to Auntie Jean and Uncle Jim

It was Jean’s 70th birthday just a few days earlier so we were very pleased to have enough time to call in on Jean, Jim and even cousin Debbie!  We were treated to a lovely meal and the time just flew by.  Unfortunately we had to press on with the schedule and were already late…!

Third stop – Rick and Michelle’s wedding

We were lucky enough to be invited to Rick and Michelle’s wedding reception which was held at a lovely hotel and Chris Downs was there as the best man!  Sadly we were a little late to the party but had a great time all the same!

Sunday 4th Sept

Fourth stop  – Justine and James Bryson

We caught Justine and James enjoying the last day of their week of holiday from their kids who were staying with their grandparents!  When we say enjoying, they were busy with all of the jobs in the house that can’t be done with children around!!!  They are such good friends of the family and we always love to call in on them when we can – Justine was the only one to spot Emma’s engagement ring in our Las Vegas photos on Facebook!

We then travelled back to London where we now had no bed because of the move!  We slept on the floor for a night and checked in to the local Wetherspoons hotel the morning after.  This meant that we could work and live reasonable comfortably while we then prepared to sell all remaining items and furniture in the flat and to move out on the Friday!