Wednesday 28th Sept – Travelling

At Madrid, we caught a taxi to the airport and then took a 10 hour flight to Bogota, Columbia!  We had an apartment booked at a hotel in town near Monserrate mountain and played it safe by taking an official (but more expensive) taxi to where we hoped, was the correct address!  Turns out it’s really cold here at night and the apartment is too!  We headed straight out to the nearest bar and Steve’s beer sense took us straight to – The Bogota Beer Company!   They brew local beers available on draught and all delicious!

Thurs 29th Sept – Exploring Bogota!

We woke early thanks to our body clocks not quite adjusting yet.  We decided to go for breakfast, come back for a little laptop work and then go exploring in the afternoon.  We found a café that seemed fairly decent but you really do need to know Spanish to get around!  The menu said something about eggs with rice so we ordered a few things from the menu that we hoped would work.  Emma ordered eggs with rice and bread and Steve ordered eggs, bread and chocolate.  It turned out to be scrambled eggs, a small stodgy croissant and a hot chocolate!  The food here is very cheap although the currency boggles our brains a little as it is 10,000 pesos to around 4GBP.

In the afternoon we decided to go shopping for an extra luggage item and what an experience that was!  We found our way into the central shopping hub of town and were overwhelmed with such a riot of noise and colour!  After haggling with a vendor for a deal on a new bag we made our way back and enjoyed an evening out with more beer!