Sat 01st Oct – Bogota to Antigua

Our journey continued with a taxi to the airport at 10am, flying at 13:40 and arriving at 16:00 local time in Guatemala City!  After being questioned by customs on our huge bag of IT equipment, we made it onto a shuttle to Antigua for just £8 each (1 hour trip)!  During our journey we saw so many homeless people but the highways were big and smooth – until we reached Antigua!  The streets here were so small and overcrowded with terrible cobbled roads.  Every street looked the same and the traffic was just horrendous!  By this time it was around 5.30pm and we were losing light.  There were another 4 people on the shuttle bus who were all dropped off at their hotels first.  One girl (Australian) was in the middle of a year of travelling and had come from Venezuela – but she had no money.  The driver tried to stop at a couple of ATMs for her but she couldn’t get any cash for the trip.  We offered to help her out and paid the driver for her journey – it was only £8 but it means a lot to the driver.  She was really grateful and went on her merry way – although we did find her a little strange.

We finally reached our hotel – Posada Juma Ocag which was extremely pretty although very small!  We barely had enough room for our luggage!  It’s surprising how tired we felt and after a quick change we headed out to find beer.

We found a lovely Sopia restaurant which specialised in soup so Emma ordered a green tomato and chicken sopia.  After a few beers we were wiped out and as all the streets looked the same in the dark we headed back for an early night!