Sunday 02nd Oct – On to Panajachel!

After waking early again, we headed out to see the delights of Antigua by daylight before we were due to be picked up by a private taxi to take us to Panajachel at 10:30am.  The place looked so different in the daytime and we had a delicious breakfast of refried beans, scrambled eggs, bread and fried bananas!

The taxi driver who picked us up was a Mayan called Gustavo and was very proud of his small transport company he had started and now had 6 cars and drivers taking people to and from the lake.  He was very friendly and very clever, speaking several languages and really looking to ingratiate himself with us in the hope of securing more jobs.  He dropped us at our planned destination and we were horrified to find the accommodation was tiny!  Emma had booked this on airbnb and the photos were misleading about the size.  We couldn’t check in until 3pm and we had arrived fairly early at 1pm – but we left our luggage ‘secured’ and went to find lunch.  Emma was extremely unhappy at the prospect of spending a week in this tiny room and trying to work so she tried to find another place on the internet while having lunch.  We had a lovely vietnamese – mayan blend of food but the taxi driver really dropped us off at one of the most expensive places in town!

We secured another room and cancelled the tiny place (also on Airbnb) and set off to find a tuc tuc driver who could ferry us around!  We’re still not quite sure how we managed to fit all of our luggage and all of us into one tiny tuc tuc – but it worked!  We arrived at a gorgeous luxury bungalow which was being checked over by the housekeeper prior to our arrival (around 4pm).  This place was huge!!  Emma was now much happier and we set off to get supplies from the local shops.  Amongst other things we bought some strange fruit from a lady by the road with no teeth – no idea what it is!  Steve’s luck has won out again and we have arrived in Pana at the start of a week of celebrations – an annual holiday around 04th October.  This means that everyone is happy, there is a heaving market place and lots of gunfire!